QNRT focuses on the Adverse Emotional Experiences that have a direct link to physical concerns and unwanted behaviors. QNRT helps the brain become more balances, less stresses, and unburdened by negative life patterns that lead to physical concerns and high risk behaviors.

Dr. Endru can quickly determine which parts of the brain are out of balance and then work with the client to reset those nervous system pathways to experience and achieve optimum health.


QNRT is based on the foundational principle that the Brain and the Nervous System controls and coordinates all functions of the body. Any unresolved emotional stress, past or present is understood to affect the nervous system in an adverse way that may lead to physical, mental, and emotional breakdown. This fact is critical in understanding QNRT.

Most of us have experienced an “Adverse Emotional Stress”, either directly or indirectly, during our lifetime. QNRT associates common experiences such as sleeplessness, anxiety, nervousness, fatigue, soreness, and gastrointestinal complications with past adverse emotional stress events. This is a prime example of the mind/ body connection.

The principals of QNRT are supported by the findings of the ACE (Adverse Childhood Experiences) study as it relates to future symptoms behaviors and illnesses.


The best way to learn about QNRT is to experience it yourself and feel what it can do for you!

QNRT focuses on three main areas of therapy:

It works to release the individual adverse emotion experiences that have been identified through evaluating the stress factors of the brain/ body connection.

It works to reprogram the coping mechanisms that have been built from the adverse emotional experiences. These ancillary patterns are ways of surviving emotional traumas by using false beliefs, negative life patterns, and/or unwanted core drivers.

It works to reset the brain and neurological pathways to all areas of the body so that the individual can break free from the tangle that has been created in the nervous system. This is one of the most important discoveries in helping clients overcome the individual hurdles and make long lasting positive changes.


QNRT is in clinical practice internationally and in the USA. During this time, thousands of individuals just like you have experienced the multiple life changing benefits of ongoing QNRT therapy.

Our anecdotal evidence strongly suggests that for 95% clients, unburdening the nervous system will:

Reduce the total body and emotional stress load

Regulate stress hormones

Relieve join and muscles discomfort

Restore vitality and positive outlooks

Support resiliency of the brain

Empower the individual to make positive changes

Support memory, focus and acuity

Support energy and overall well being

Supports the quality of sleep

Supports the immune system

Resolve background fears, anxieties, worries and anger


The principals of QNRT are supported by the findings of the ACE (Adverse Childhood Experiences) Study* as it relates to future symptoms, behaviors and illnesses. According to the ACE Study, children who have experienced specific adverse emotional experiences were prone to a multitude of health and social problems continuing into adulthood. Health issues include heart, liver and respiratory concerns. Mental issues may include sadness, anxiety and anger, as well as high risk social behaviors such as drug abuse, alcoholism and early initiation of sexual behavior.

*ACE Study, for further information go to www.cdc.gov/ace


Core Drivers create our habits, thought responses, filters and many times run the show.  The good news is that these automatic responses are rarely your fault or anyone else’s for that matter. Core Drivers are usually passed down from generations of family members who had them. While we do not assign blame to anyone, we do “ACCEPT RESPONSIBILTY” for changing these faulty automatic responses to life.  Remember that this has been a protective wall built and it will come down only when you give it permission to do so through QNRT. Specific core drivers include feelings of being powerless, unsafe, unworthy, not whole, unwanted, unlovable, unsure, defective, out of balance and feeling nothing.


There are 12 specific negative life patterns that virtually cause all self-sabotage behaviors.

The twelve patterns are: Abandonment, Defective, Unlovable, Dependence, Emotion Deprivation, Entitlement, Failure, Mistrust Abuse Protection, Social Exclusion, Subjugation, Unrelenting Standard and Vulnerable.

These patterns are predictable and will be repeated over and over until you break them. By going through an emotional release technique evaluation and treatment we will be able to identify at what age these patterns were first established, the circumstance, the situation, and the emotional conflict surrounding that age. We will be able to tie in the core beliefs that were established to help you survive and you will currently understand how it no longer serves you.  You will clearly see feel and hear how you use your coping mechanisms to drive yourself sabotage behaviors. Amazing as it sounds once the pattern is broken and a new pattern is built to replace the old one, your life will literally change. It’s rare to have all twelve but more common to have four or five.


Balancing the brain through QNRT is a method of resolving the emotional shocks that cause imbalance in the two brain hemispheres. Imbalance can be caused by emotional traumas which all relate to different areas of the brain. QNRT works with 4 specific areas of the brain – called lobes.

Every lobe is associated with something different. The Frontal Lobe is associated with reasoning, planning and problem solving. The Parietal Lobe is associated with orientation, recognition and perception. The Occipital Lobe is associated with visual processing and the Temporal Lobe is associated with recognition of auditory stimuli and memory. By resolving some of the emotional traumas, the brain will be brought back in to balance.